• X-treme Power & Durability
  • Superior Starting Power
  • Higher Amp Hour
Long Life Grid Design

And for those discerning motorists that expect even more, we introduce the Ultimate in High Performance batteries that was built with 4WD’s, Trucks & Tractors in mind.  Its name “Challenger – Xtreme”. 

This range is well deserving of its name which is self explanatory – “Xtreme in every respect”.  Boasting even higher cranking and reserve capacity, this Xtreme battery truly compliments the already powerful Challenger range.

4WD, Truck & Industrial Applications
Part NumberVoltsCCAReserve
DimensionsTerminal AssemblyTerminal TypeWeight (kg)
MF86X 12 1150 210 336 171 219 252 Wing Nut Terminal 0.00