Warranty Information

* Excludes HVT-50D, HVT-50LD, HVT70D, HVT-70LD,HVT-70ZZD & HVT-70ZZLD.
These sizes are covered by 24 Months Warranty for Commercial Starting Applications. 
† Excludes Electric Vehicles ie. Mobility Scooters, Golf Carts/Buggies
& Wheelchairs. These Applications are covered by 6 Months Warranty.

#  Mobility Scooters & Wheelchairs Not Covered.

~ Application in Cars will void the warranty. 

 ^ 6 Months Warranty for Cars.
‡ 12 Months only covers:
- ES70ZZ            - ES70ZZL          - ES86X
- ES94                 - ESN120            - ESN150
- ESN200

Note: Commercial Deep Cycle use includes Sweepers, Golf Cars, Lift Platforms, Forklifts etc. These Applications are not covered by Private Use - Deep Cycle

Warranty Statement
Should any Super Start battery be deemed faulty by a Super Start representative, using our standard battery test within the specified warranty period, it will be replaced by Super Start Batteries or one of its approved representatives, free of charge for a battery of the same type. Proof of purchase is required. The benefits of this warranty are in addition to any conditions or laws imposed by State, Territory & Commonwealth Acts.

Warranty does not cover/will be void if there is:
• Normal wear and tear
• Physical damage
• Sulphation
• Incorrect Use
• Incorrect installation
• Negligence (before or during use)
• Overcharging
• Undercharging
• Faulty vehicle charging system
•The battery has been topped up with any liquid other than distilled water (for conventional types)
• Failure to maintain acid levels (for conventional types)
• Damaged caused by overfilling or incorrect filling (for conventional types)
• The markings have been tampered with
• Broken or removed vent plugs
• The battery has been repaired or modified by a third party without Super Start’s consent
• You have installed a vehicle battery that has a lower capacity than is originally specified by the
manufacturer of the equipment in which the battery has been used
• Stored for a long period of time without maintenance/charging
• Faulty connection, faulty wiring or improper mounting
• Incorrect use

Warranty does not cover discharged batteries or diminishing capacity due to battery age and depth of discharge.