• Ultra High Performance
     • Genuine Maintenance Free
     • Longer Service Life
     • Extra Vibration Resistant
     • Glass Matt Separators
      • Marine Grade Extra Thick Plates

One of the Most Powerful & Reliable Truck Batteries in Australia

“Sick of Truck & Tractor Batteries that don’t last? SSB Truck & Tractor batteries are fast becoming the First Choice battery for truckers, freight companies, farmers, mining companies, bus companies and government departments across Australia”

In recent years, Super Start Batteries (SSB) identified a problem regarding the service life of truck, tractor & bus batteries available in Australia. Many truck batteries supplied by our competitors last on average 1½ years or less and are causing increased down time and unnecessary service/maintenance cost for freight companies, farmers, bus companies, mining companies and government departments.

There are many factors why truck batteries have a short service life. One of the main reasons is because most other battery companies in Australia use expanded grid or hybrid technology. These are modern manufacturing techniques (to save manufacturing costs) used to produce batteries with good specifications however battery life is significant reduced compared to Die Cast Grid Technology.

Realising this gap in the market, Super Start took the development of truck batteries further and made them with Extra Thick Marine Grade Plates and Glass Matt Envelope Separators increasing their service life even more and making them better resistant to vibration. We also introduced unique state-of-the-art fluid displacement technology which stops separation of fluid from the plates that is caused by vibration, stops overheating of the battery, loss of fluid and significantly increases the cycle & service life of the battery.

SSB Truck & Tractor batteries can also be used as a marine semi deep cycle battery.

SSB Truck & Tractor Batteries are designed in Australia by Australians for use in Australia. SSB is 100% Australian owned & operated.

BATTERY TYPE Maintenance Free
VOLTAGE 12 Volts
CCA:(cold cranking amps) 775
Length 303mm
Width 170mm
Height 201mm
Terminal Height 222mm

Standard SAE Terminal

MAX CHARGE 17.5 Amps
PLATE TYPE Die Cast Grid
SEPARATOR TYPE Absorbed Glass Mat Envelope
USAGE Starting
Private use
2 Years
Commercial Use
2 Years
Taxi Use
6 Months


Despite this being labeled as a "Maintenance Free" battery there is still some minimal maintenance requirements. The battery industry generally uses the term "Maintenance Free" when you are not required or cannot add acid to the battery because it is sealed. Like all Maintenance Free Batteries (no matter what brand), it is essential to periodically service the battery to ensure maximum life. As a general rule of thumb this should be done each time your vehicle is serviced by your mechanic.

Service requirement include:

  • Check electrical connections to ensure they are clean & tight
  • Do not overcharge battery. Maximum recharging voltage is 14.6 Volts.
  • Keep battery clean & dry. Use only bicarbonate of soda & water to clean. Rinse afterwards with clean water.
  • Ensure that unused battery is charged every 3 months or when voltage is below 12.6 Volts.
  • Failure to follow these instructions will void warranty.


Lead-acid batteries generate explosive gases.

Keep sparks, flames and lighted cigarettes away from battery. Keep metal objects away from terminals. When charging or using in enclosed spaces, provide ventilation.

The battery contains sulfuric acid. Do not tilt the battery or turn the battery upside down.

Should acid spill from the battery, Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. In event of accident flush with water and call doctor immediately.