Ultra High Performance  
 Advanced AGM Battery
 Extreme Vibration Resistant
 42 MonthsWarranty

In response to climate change, governments around the world are increasing environmental regulations on vehicles to reduce emissions and improve vehicle fuel economy. As a result an increasing number of vehicles have Start Stop Technology which helps achieve this by automatically turning the engine on and off while idling at traffic lights or in heavy traffic thereby improving fuel economy and reducing emissions. The engine starts again when the driver accelerates. Stop-start vehicles typically offer up to 10 per cent reductions in both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions - an important factor for manufacturers when trying to meet mandated global carbon emission reduction goals.

Gone are the days where you will be starting your car once or twice a day. With Start Stop systems your car will likely start in excess of 50,000 times during its life. Whenever the vehicle is standing still, all electrical devices receive energy from the battery putting the battery under additional load. The engine restarts after each automatic stop, which also results in a significantly greater number of high-rate load cycles during the battery life. Unfortunately this type of use will quickly destroy a conventional or MF battery. SSB i-Start AGM Batteries uses the latest innovative technologies to deliver a Genuine AGM Start Stop battery with exceptional performance and longer life no matter what you drive.

SSB i-Start have been specifically engineered for advanced vehicles featuring Start-Stop technology with regenerative braking and additional fuel-saving technologies. With regenerative braking, once the driver lifts their foot off the accelerator, the starter-alternator immediately converts the vehicle’s kinetic energy (rotational speed of the alternator) into electrical energy, which in turn recharges the battery.

Using the lastest OE Technology for Advanced Start-Stop Vehicles including High Compression Fleece Separators, this Ultra High Performance AGM battery boasts up to 4 times the cycle life of flooded MF Car batteries and is 100% Leak Proof and Spill-proof and is exempt from Dangerous Goods classification.

Other features include Powerful Cranking Power (even with a low state of charge), High Charge Acceptance (for absorbing large surges of electrical energy generated via brake energy recuperation) and Extreme Vibration Resistance.

Although this Advanced battery was designed for vehicles that use Start Stop Technology, its features also make it a perfect choice for other High End Luxury and Performance Vehicles and it is capable of supplying power to a wider range of other applications including Taxis, Ambulances, Police Cars, Boats and cars with high powered sound systems. Its battery housing is manufactured using advanced plastics for durability and heat resistance. SSB i-Start Batteries are also rated for Under Bonnet use and their VRLA design enables the battery to also be used inside the vehicle.

Whether you use SSB i-Start as a Start Stop Battery or as an Ultra High Performance AGM Battery for regular vehicles (no Start Stop Technology), the battery will deliver exceptional performance, flawless reliability and longer life. SSB i-Start batteries are manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001 and come with 42 Months National Replacement Warranty.

When Failure is not an Option - Use only SSB i-Start Batteries.

European Automotive Batteries
Part NumberVoltsCCAReserve
DimensionsTerminal AssemblyTerminal TypeWeight (kg)
EFB55D23L 12 775 160 242 175 190 190 Standard SAE Terminal 0.00 
EFB70L 12 775 160 242 175 190 190 Standard SAE Terminal 0.00 
EFB55T 12 775 160 242 175 190 190 Standard SAE Terminal 0.00 
EFB66T 12 775 160 278 175 190 190 Standard SAE Terminal 0.00 
EFB75T 12 775 160 315 175 190 190 Standard SAE Terminal 0.00 
SS86Ti 12 800 190 347 174 217 238 Standard SAE Terminal 30.80 
LH55Ti    Standard SAE Terminal 0.00 
SS36Ti 12 645 135 207 175 190 190 Standard SAE Terminal 15.50 
SS55Ti 12 775 160 242 175 190 190 Standard SAE Terminal 18.80 
SS66Ti 12 900 190 278 175 190 190 Standard SAE Terminal 21.30 
SS75Ti 12 1030 215 315 175 190 190 Standard SAE Terminal 24.00 
SS88Ti 12 1180 250 353 175 190 190 Standard SAE Terminal 26.50 
SS110Ti 12 1350 285 393 175 190 190 Standard SAE Terminal 29.70